Duck walk at South Gate

June 16, 2011

On June 14, Hill's Wildlife Habitat Biologist Jo Proctor received a call from a gentleman who found eight ducklings in a sewer drain near the South Gate entrance. The man had noticed the hen near the gutter for some time, and went to see what was keeping her there. When he looked in, he saw her eight babies inside, prompting a call to Proctor for help.

Proctor arrived with a cardboard box to transport the family back to the duck pond on base. She successfully got them out of the gutter, but had a harder time catching the hen.

PT challenge stays ‘true to our roots’

June 9, 2011

The Hill 5/6 program is summoning all Hill Airmen to grab a wingman and take part in the first annual Warrior Fitness Challenge.

The event, which will take place June 17 at the Warrior Fitness Center Outdoor Track, will be identical to the Air Force's physical fitness test with the exception that Airmen are required to wear ABU/BDU's and combat boots and must complete the challenge with a partner. The two additions live up to the Air Force's wingman and warrior ideals.

Hill sergeant sails past top seeds in SLC tournament with his tennis partner

June 2, 2011

Tech. Sgt. Martez "Tez" Banks stands well above six-foot with a built figure, neither slim nor stocky and most who meet him wouldn't assume the 45 year-old's athletic prowess.

The Air Force Reservist and Palace Acquire intern paired up with friend Michelle Staley to win the combined mixed 8.0 doubles tennis title at the Techna-Glass Adult Ice Breaker tournament earlier this month in Salt Lake City.

And in a sport where most players learn to play tennis around the same time they learn to talk, Banks, who is self-taught, stands as an oddity.

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