Maintaining the Quest for Zero: Swim safely this summer

July 30, 2015

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. — Midsummer has arrived, the “heat dome” has set in and the temperatures are soaring close to the century mark.

ACTION LINE: Safe transportation of private firearms

July 30, 2015

Q: I have a question in regard to Hill AFB instruction 31-206, specifically, paragraph 5.1: I have a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Utah and I live in base housing. I also ride a three-wheeled motorcycle. Paragraph 5.1 prohibits me from transporting my weapon in my motorcycle from my home while going on or off base. My question then is, how do I legally transport my weapon when going on or off base? Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Wearing personal protective equipment is cool!

April 9, 2015

As days grow longer and it warms up, the children are playing in the neighborhood — riding bikes, skateboarding, or getting about with their motorized scooters.

I really shouldn't be here

February 12, 2015

FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. — A couple of feet and a half a second. These may seem like insignificant measurements; but when combined with fatigue, a couple of feet almost cost me my career, and that half a second almost ended my life.

Holidays offer us time for reflection

December 19, 2013

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — As the holidays approach, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the past year. With all of the budget cuts/uncertainties and the corresponding furloughs and recent force management announcements, 2013 was a year filled with many challenges. It was also a year filled with many successes. Through the extraordinary determination and dedication of each and every member of our AFMC team, we continued to provide world-class warfighter support, despite the challenges.

Neubauer: Stay Safe 'n Sound, All Year Round

August 1, 2013

As your new Air Force Chief of Safety, my sole purpose is to preserve our most critical asset — you! We’re halfway through the Critical Days of Summer campaign, an important milestone since we’ve historically seen an upsurge in fatalities in the second half of the season.

We can help turn this trend around by keeping a strong safety outlook — in the air, on the ground, all the time. We Airmen are aggressive by nature, and risk is inherent in our mission. But there’s a difference between being aggressive and being reckless.

Commander's commentary: Preparing for the future

February 21, 2013

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. — I know everyone is anxious to hear news about the possible sequestration and potential for civilian furloughs. I know this affects more than just the mission; it has a personal impact on each and every one of you. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting to hear what’s going to happen regarding sequestration.

OO-ALC Workforce Council holds forum

September 27, 2012

The Ogden Air Logistics Complex Workforce Council hosted an open forum for employees with Brig. Gen. Brent Baker Sr., OO-ALC commander, and a panel of directors and various leaders from the base on Sept. 12 in the Base Theater.

Jason Carrion, OO-ALC Workforce Council president, hosted the forum which gave attendees an opportunity to present questions at two sessions, one at 10 a.m. and another at 2 p.m.

Base kicks off 'See Me, Save Me' motorcycle safety campaign

June 7, 2012

The base's third annual "See Me, Save Me" motorcycle safety campaign is set to begin with a motorcycle ride on Wednesday, June 13. The campaign aims to encourage motor vehicle operators to be on the lookout for motorcycles on the road.

"Motorists aren't used to seeing motorcycles on the road during the winter months, but with warmer weather more and more motorcyclists are taking to the roads and people need to start looking specifically for motorcycles when driving," said Allan Woods from Hill's safety office.

Winter safety protects Hill's valuable team player - you!

January 19, 2012

The great state of Utah proudly boasts itself as having the "Greatest Snow on Earth." Those of us fortunate enough to live and work along the Wasatch Front are afforded magnificent views, as well as world-class winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. While winter is a beautiful time of year, it is also the most perilous time of year for our employees. Walking on snow and ice is especially dangerous.

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