Hill STEM program awards summer camp scholarships

Junior high and elementary school students awarded STEM summer camp scholarships gathered for a group photo with their parents. They include (left to right): Roger Braner, Sophia Braner, Darren Larsen, parent of Emma Wadsworth, Amy Larsen, Emma Wadsworth, Dallin Larsen, Jared Hyde, Cade Hyde, Lisa Hyde, Preston Capener, Kris Capener, Judith Maughan and Deborah Roach.
(From left to right) the senior students present to accept their summer camp scholarships were: Danny Campbell, Alia Platt, Andrew Ross, Taylor Smith, Jedd Grove, Dietrich Geisler, Carly Capener, Colten Yardley, Supraj Prakash and Brayden Burrell.
By Mary Lou Gorny
Hilltop Times Editor
March 8, 2012

FARMINGTON -- The North Davis Area Regional Science and Engineering Fair Awards Reception honored 60 senior students and 90 junior and elementary students with cash prizes and awards Feb. 27 in Farmington at City Hall.

Air Force and Army representatives gave separate awards as did the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program representatives from Hill Air Force Base.The GREAT scholarships -- or Graphics and Robotics Exploration with an Emphasis on Technology -- were to STEM summer camps which included such areas of interest as robotics, gaming, 3-D character design and First Lego League-type opportunities. The scholarships were for all fees and costs to attend one or two week summer learning experiences, except for transportation to the camps.

"This is great for those of you who are looking for Sterling Scholar or additional scholarship opportunities and you're thinking, 'What would I put as my clip or on my resume at age 16?'" said Jodi Lunt, District Secondary Science Supervisor. She said that these were the types of additional things that would demonstrate someone had gone above and beyond in their areas of interest.

"This is a fantastic opportunity," said Deborah Roach, NDEP STEM Outreach coordinator for Hill AFB. "This will help you decide if this is exactly what you want to do, what you want to do with it and it does look great when you are filling out those college applications."

"Being an engineer by education, not necessarily by trade, but by education, I know how valuable it is to have an educated populace out there so we can continue to have the great country that we do and continue to have a fantastic future that we need," said Wally Saeger, Air Force Association and Aerospace Education Foundation representative, who presented the Air Force awards portion at the reception. Since 2009, the AFA and AEF have donated cash prizes for the science fair awards as selected by the North Davis leaders. Lunt explained that she appreciated the financial support and that it made the awards extra nice because in addition to the awards the students got something they could spend.

Roach explained between the junior and senior portions of the reception that the benefit of giving awards to those who participated in science fairs is that those students have already demonstrated an interest and excellence in the STEM areas. Even the junior members received summer camp scholarships as 40 scholarships were awarded. Not all members of the senior and junior divisions were present as not all had received notification in sufficient time in order to attend.

Roach and Judith Maughan, educational liaison at Hill Air Force Base, explained that separate judging had been done by Hill AFB representatives at the science fairs to determine who were awarded the summer camp scholarships.

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