It’s time again to conserve power

How Low Can You Go
By Dave Abbott
Base Utility Manager, Energy Management Office
September 2, 2010

How much electrical energy does Hill Air Force Base use on a day when few are working? History tells us that our facilities typically use about 22-24 megawatts of electricity during a holiday or enough electricity to supply 575 homes for a month. Most of the energy consumed during these periods is essential and is used to keep our work spaces safe, secure, heated, ventilated and conditioned for our return to work following the holiday.  However, some of the energy used during the holidays, weekends and other periods of low use is wasted. Interior lights are left on, office equipment is left on, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning set-points are left out of range for the time of year and time of day.

This year Labor Day is observed Monday, Sept. 6.  The 75th Civil Engineer Squadron Energy Management Office will collect and evaluate the electrical energy usage data for Hill AFB. Since this is a federal holiday, most or all industrial and administrative facilities on base will be closed and should be using the minimum amount of electrical energy required to maintain space temperatures, lighting and security systems. Collecting and evaluating this information will allow the Energy Management Office to determine that day’s minimum electrical energy requirements for our facilities and give us a goal to reach for during future campaigns.

Prior to leaving your work area to start your holiday weekend, you are asked to look around to ensure all unnecessary energy using equipment is turned off. Ensure office equipment, copiers, coffee makers and general area lighting are turned off. Ensure timers or photocells for exterior lighting and static displays are functioning properly so unnecessary lights are not burning throughout the daytime hours or night-time periods when visitors are not likely to be in an area.  Hill AFB policy for computers should be followed, but where independent computer monitors and other non-network computer peripheral devices (such as speakers or scanners) are used, these should be turned off. If your building has a locally controlled thermostat, the facility manager should ensure that it is turned off or set back to unoccupied temperature settings.

Don’t forget — we are all energy managers. Let’s all work together to see “How Low Can We Go” on our electrical energy use.

The CE Energy Management Office can be reached at (801) 777-3560 or (801) 777-5944 or send us an e-mail with your ideas or concerns at

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