Commentary: Ogden Air Logistics Complex – much to be proud of in 2013

Col. Ronald Jolly Sr.
By Col. Ronald Jolly Sr.
Deputy Commander for Maintenance
Ogden Air Logistics Complex
January 2, 2014

This last year has been highly successful for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex.
As an organization with more than 7,600 personnel assigned, we have had many challenges to overcome as well as numerous accomplishments we can be proud of.  One of our biggest obstacles was the furlough and shutdown that affected not only Hill Air Force Base civilian employees, but employees across the federal government. This caused many uncertainties for our workload as well as personal hardship for many of our folks. However, through continuous communication, a positive attitude and local support, we were able to prevail.
Despite our trials and tribulations, we were still able to show we are the No. 1
Complex in the Air Force.
One of the overarching catalysts for our success was implementing the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) “Way” in our everyday operations. Incorporating the concepts allowed us to realize numerous improvements across the complex.
Through the superior efforts of our incredible workforce, we returned 675 aircraft back to the warfighter ensuring wartime readiness. We were able to secure the F-22 workload for organic repair which will save the Air Force over $530 million dollars over a period of 15 years.
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter activation ceremony was held this summer commemorating the beginning of depot maintenance here at Hill.
Our steady focus on the Nuclear Enterprise, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s No. 1 priority, provided for 100 percent program compliance.
We have continually improved our processes allowing us to significantly reduce the number of days it takes to return products back to our customers.
Our commodities groups refurbished over 100,000 aircraft components.
We have made great strides in our Voluntary Protection Program with five out of eight of our organizations achieving 100 percent Bronze status and all workcenters aggressively working towards our 2017 goal of Gold. 
As we forge ahead, we will stay the course and focus on speed, safety, quality, and cost effectiveness.
Our path to excellence will continue as we concentrate on people, processes, and resources; fine tuning our production machine enabling us to exceed customer expectations. This includes ensuring our folks understand the concepts that encompass the AFSC Way and how its design allows us to provide standardized and consistent processes that drive efficiencies.
We are the Ogden Air Logistics Complex … and we are proud of what we do.