January 3, 2013

The following personnel will receive the ranks indicated in the month of January. Their names and units are as follows:

2nd Combat Camera:

Tech. Sgt. Daniel Vernatter


367th Training Support Squadron:

Master Sgt. Donnie Taylor III, Master Sgt. Michael Thibodeau, Tech. Sgt. Darren Pautz

368th U.S. Air Force Recruiting Squadron:

Master Sgt. Joseph Avanzato


388th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron:

1st Lt. Ian Hudson, Master Sgt. John Fetting, Staff Sgt. Lori Phinnell, Senior Airman Jasmine Dismuke, Senior Airman Evan Kohorst, Senior Airman Victor Morris, Senior Airman Roger Remoket, Senior Airman Brent Scheitzach, Senior Airman Armando Sutton, Senior Airman Joshua Williams, Senior Airman Skyler Williams

388th Component Maintenance Squadron:

Tech. Sgt. James Adams, Staff Sgt. Amanda Dennis, Senior Airman Christopher Peoples

388th Equipment Maintenance Squadron:

Master Sgt. Joseph Maas, Tech. Sgt. Robert Turner, Senior Airman Justin Moore

388th Maintenance Group:

Master Sgt. Michael McClellan


388th Maintenance Operations Squadron:

Staff Sgt. Brandon Novenario, Senior Airman Janet Osborne


388th Operations Support Squadron:

Master Sgt. Linda Souza, Airman Zachary Brester 


417th Supply Chain Management Squadron:

1st Lt. Trung Nguyen

419th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron:

Tech. Sgt. Patrick Pearl, Senior Airman Nathan Hansen


419th Civil Engineer Squadron:

Airman Steven Lee

419th Maintenance Squadron:

Senior Airman Travis Castor

419th Medical Squadron:

Tech. Sgt. Amber McHenry, Tech. Sgt. Erin Mielke

419th Mission Support Group:

Chief Master Sgt. Arvie McGinnis 


573rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron:

Staff Sgt. Christopher Okopny 


581st Missile Maintenance Squadron:

Tech. Sgt. William Carl Cross III 

582nd Missile Maintenance Squadron:

1st Lt. Joseph Dolim

649th Munitions Squadron:

Capt. Patrick Hefferly, Master Sgt. Kyle Fox, Master Sgt. Jayson Huddleston, Staff Sgt. Iliana Gonzalez Pagan, Senior Airman Martin Scott Giuntoli II, Senior Airman Daniel Heath

67th Aerial Port Squadron:

Senior Airman Erin Curry

729th Air Control Squadron:

Capt. William Raine, 1st Lt. Isaiah Gomez, Senior Master Sgt. Billy Landreneau, Staff Sgt. Amanda Kirchem

75th Aerospace Medicine Squadron:

Staff Sgt. JohnWilliam Jennings

75th Air Base Wing:

Col. Jill Bergovoy, Maj. Rita Nolan, Tech. Sgt Daniel Baker, Senior Airman Margarita Ruizhernandez

75th Force Support Squadron:

Staff Sgt. Justin Thompson

75th Logistics Readiness Squadron:

Senior Airman John Howard

75th Medical Operations Squadron:

Lt. Col. Kari Stone

75th Security Forces Squadron:

Staff Sgt. Rashon Battle, Staff Sgt. Brent Cornell, Staff Sgt. Jamie Croft, Staff Sgt. Gage Franz, Senior Airman Jared Caswell, Senior Airman Cody Storment

775th Civil Engineer Squadron:

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Logue, Staff Sgt. Andrew Staud

86th Fighter Weapons Squadron:

Tech. Sgt. Matthew Davis

Air Force Life Cycle Management Center:

Capt. Walter Golden, Capt. Joshua Palmer, 1st Lt. Shawn BeltonPerry, 1st Lt. Michael Cifranic, 1st Lt. Adam Corley, Tech. Sgt. Richard John Shonder III

Air Force Nuclear Operations Center:

Capt. Lashaun Watkins

Air Force Sustainment Center:

Capt. Eric Dewit, Staff Sgt. Kirk Herman

Ogden Air Logistics Complex:

Maj. Paul Brighton


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