Reminder on unattended minor policy at the clinic

By 75th Medical Group staff
September 15, 2011

Unattended minor children and those children who do not have appointments are not allowed in the clinic. Staff members of the 75th Medical Group have received many customer kudos for this policy as well as some complaints and concerns. 

The policy can be found in its entirety on the 75th MDG Facebook page at: http:// 

Your clinic’s mission is to provide the safest and highest quality health care to more than 18,000 patients who range in age from infants to World War II and Korean War veterans and spouses. While most of the patients are able-bodied, some are disabled, use assistive devices and are immune compromised. As you might expect, many are ill and suffering from the various infectious diseases that infect human beings. 

Unattended minor children and those who donot have appointments are a safety and health risk to the patient (usually their parent), to themselves, to the other patients, and to the clinic staff. 

Unfortunately, unattended children continue to injure themselves and others in the clinic. Unattended children distract the doctor and patient (parent) during the exam, which compromises the quality of care and increases the risk of medical mistakes. Finally, children who don’t have an appointment are exposed unnecessarily by their parents to the various infectious diseases ill patients bring to the clinic. 

Here are just a few examples of the many unsafe conditions involving unattended minor children that have occurred in the clinic in the recent past.

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