Mary Lou Gorny, Hilltop Times editor
Edna Cooper, management assistant to the Engineering Data Branch chief and an alternative dispute resolution mediator, has another opportunity before her to expand her skills as she walks into the role of Federal Women's Program manager at Hill Air Force Base. Denise Elbert, outgoing manager, described her own experience this way, "Being the program manager is an opportunity for professional... Read more
Lee Anne Hensley, Hilltop Times correspondent
More than two years ago, Stephen Bradshaw was cleaning his basement when memories of a war 20 years past returned to him through the contents in a plain box. In the box were letters he had written to his wife, Diane, since the inception of Operation Desert Shield in August of 1990 and, subsequently, the start of Operation Desert Storm in January of 1991. Bradshaw was unaware that his wife saved... Read more
Bob Fehringer, U.S. Transportation Command
SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- When your unit is surrounded by an enemy hitting you with small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades, and mortar rounds are screaming in and you're running low on food, ammunition and everything else, you can't exactly send someone to Walmart for supplies. That's when you pray for an airdrop. Now. "Sometimes these missions are like driving an 18-wheeler through a... Read more
Hilltop Times staff, Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs
Bring a contractor, family member, Department of Defense civilian or other visitor onto Hill Air Force Base and the first words out of their mouth typically are, "Who can shop the Exchange?" While authorizations governing who can buy merchandise and services at the Base Exchange often apply to a chosen few, the doors to Army and Air Force Exchange Service fast food and convenience stores,... Read more
Patricia Cerone, Health and Wellness Center
There are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. If you use tobacco: Arsenic is a rat poison. You're poisoning yourself. Ammonia is used in fertilizers. You're smoking crap. Polonium is radioactive, and you're chewing or smoking it. Turpentine is used as a paint stripper. Imagine it stripping your insides. Lead is the wrong kind of heavy metal for you. No matter how long... Read more
April Rowden, Air Force Manpower Agency Public Affairs Office
RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- With only weeks remaining to classify Air Force civilian jobs into the legacy General Schedule personnel system, Air Force classifiers are ensuring NSPS positions have a current GS title, series and grade before the NSPS conversion out date. The Fiscal Year 2010 National Defense Authorization Act repealed the National Security Personnel System, resulting in the... Read more
Catherine McNally, Hilltop Times staff
Retirement -- it's the day most of us are eagerly waiting for, the day we get to kick back, relax, and stop worrying about work. For Marco, a seasoned Military Working Dog stationed here at Hill Air Force Base, his days of relaxing on the couch and chasing squirrels began last week on July 6. At age 13, Marco was one of the oldest working dogs serving in the military and was the last "Bravo"... Read more
Master Sgt. Jon Young, 367th Training Support Squadron Training Development flight Cchie
On the west end of Hill Air Force Base, wedged in between the contracting building and the Poe Conference Center, is the home of the 367th Training Support Squadron. This unique squadron has served the training needs for Air Combat Command and Air Mobility Command aircraft and munitions maintenance continuation training for over two decades and is leading the way in future Air Force and... Read more
Aaron Clark, 388th Fighter Wing historian
A local fighter squadron with an extremely rich and far-reaching history will inactivate this week due to the Combat Air Forces restructuring plan (CAF Redux). In a move to fund a smaller and more capable force, as well as redistribute people for higher priority missions, the CAF Redux restructuring plan will accelerate the retirement of 250 aircraft, which includes 112 F-15 Eagles, 134 F-16... Read more
Richard Essary, 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office
Hill's "How Low Can We Go" energy saving campaign was a success, according to officials from 75th Civil Engineer Squadron energy management office. The energy saving initiative, which was implemented over the July 4 holiday break, asked base employees to ensure all unnecessary energy-using equipment was turned off or unplugged before leaving for the extended weekend. "Comparing this year's usage... Read more

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