Hill SARC gets two prestigious awards

Hill SARC gets two prestigious awards
By Mary Lou Gorny
Hilltop Times Editor
April 21, 2011

Janaee Stone, Installation Sexual Assault Response coordinator, would much rather talk about her victim advocates and the work her office is doing to help victims feel more comfortable in coming forward than any awards that have come her way.

"Of my twelve years of active duty in the Navy, nine of those I was a victim advocate serving the Navy and Marine Corps," she said. "So now I've been doing this for over eleven years -- so I've been doing this for a really long time, and I can tell you that every single case is so unique and special in its own way. So every single victim or survivor that I have I treat them as though they're my first (victim or survivor) because they are."

This attitude on her part, which she has successfully passed along and encouraged among her victim advocates, as well as the ability to arrange coalitions with off-base agencies and departments, has led to at least two high level awards recently.

She was awarded A1 Air Force Program Manager of the Year and the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault awarded her its 2011 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Award. The UCASA award was a nomination by her peers for her organizational efforts for this year's Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities.

"I'm just happy that people are getting the help that they need," said Stone.

Her program has been benchmarked by both civilian and government agencies including Air Force Materiel Command Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. AFMC also gave her honors as SARC of the Year and Program of the Year at the command level.

Stone regularly teaches cadets at the Air Force Academy on the topic of sexual assault prevention and mentors other program leaders to enable them to become bystander intervention training instructors.

She is very pleased with the community ties she has been able to forge. "If I have a victim who doesn't want to see a service on base I'm able to get them (to an agency off base) and nobody ever even has to know that they went," Stone said.

In order to accomplish this, she worked with a team which authored three Memorandums of Agreement advising local, county, state support and law enforcement agencies. She also crafted a Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Utah; coordinated with the Northern Utah Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, Judge Advocate General Corps, Security Force, and local law enforcement -- thus guaranteeing the restricted reporting option for all military personnel in the state of Utah, according to her nomination packet.

In order to reach her program goals she trained and recruited 30 victim advocates.

Her nomination packet also cites several outreach efforts with other organizations and highlights impressive training and facilitating efforts on her part at the highest levels in the Air Force and the Department of Defense, too many to name.

As usual, though Stone keeps the focus on what's most important to her -- the program, what it can do for others, and those who help her accomplish the outreach to victims.

"(The program) wouldn't be anything without my victim advocates," she said. "Without their support, I have no program."

They are:

  • Deputy SARC Capt Rita Nolan
  • Lt. Julianne Douglas
  • Master Sgt. Terri Davis
  • Staff Sgt. Erika Campbell
  • Senior Airman Cari Torrez
  • Master Sgt. Candice Kierejewski
  • Tech. Sgt. Tracie Diamond
  • Dean Olney
  • Dennis Henry
  • Chief Master Sgt Georgina Yates
  • Lt. Col. Barbara Godsey
  • Staff Sgt. Nicole Greene
  • Richard (Lance) Haycock
  • Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Jakubisin
  • Staff Sgt. Kyle Williams
  • Lt. Lindsay Bengard
  • Lt. Shannon Laubenthal
  • Chief Master Sgt. Steven Loy
  • Capt. Nickole Lensgraf
  • Senior Master Sgt. Terry Mastin
  • Tech. Sgt. Yakita Montgomery
  • Staff Sgt. Tammra Mentele
  • Staff Sgt. Tatum Ramos

"To me this job is so much more than any award -- the award is when someone walks into my office, we help them, then they come back and tell us what impact we had on them -- that's the award," Stone said.

For more information or assistance from the SARC office, call (801) 777-1985 or (801) 777-1964.

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