DeAnn Simonich with Northrop Grummon, supporting the 526th ICBM, gets ready to take her putt
Tim Broussard, 530th Commodities Maintenance Squadron
Thirty teams consisting of 150 amateur and professional contestants played in this year's annual Commander's Cup event at Hubbard Golf Course on Hill Air Force Base. Six of the professionals from the Nationwide Tour, who are on their way to Willow Creek Country Club to compete in this year's Utah Championship, also competed.The winning team consisted of amateurs David Turner, Chris Riding, Jim... Read more
GEORGETOWN, Guyana -- The third and final rotation of dentists and dental technicians for New Horizons Guyana 2009 arrived in August and began seeing patients at the Diamond Secondary School.Of the 18 Airmen on this two-week rotation, 14 are from Hill Air Force Base; two are from Luke Air Force Base, Ariz.; one is from Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas; and one is from Vance Air Force Base, Okla.... Read more
The 649th Combat Logistics Support Squadron, known for deploying teams worldwide to perform heavy maintenance and aircraft modifications, will be formally deactivated on Oct. 1.The ceremony will be at 10 a.m. in the Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Training Facility, Building 748, followed by a reception. Transportation to the site, located north of the Hubbard Memorial Golf Course, will be... Read more
Officers' Spouses' Club picnic todayA welcome picnic for the new year is being offered today by the Officers' Spouses' Club for members, prospective members and their families. The picnic will include hot dogs, hamburgers, side dishes, desserts and beverages. The picnic will be held at Centennial Park and will start at 6:30 p.m. No RSVP is required.The social and charitable organization is... Read more
Tyler Patterson, TriWest Healthcare Alliance
The life you save might be your friend's, your father's, your son's or even your own.When it comes to prostate and colon cancer, the most effective treatment is early detection -- and that makes regular screening a key component of your personal wellness roadmap.According to the National Cancer Institute, the five-year survival rate for colon cancer patients who catch and treat their illness... Read more
Hilltop Times Web site software updateA software update temporarily affected the Hilltop Times Web site,, in loading its most recent stories for a few days. The issue will soon be resolved. Readers can find the latest articles online or in print at newspaper racks throughout the base and in the lobby of the Standard-Examiner.Power outage at Hess Building, the BubbleBuilding... Read more
While driving on base in September, visitors, military and civilian workers can expect to encounter a Safety and DUI Prevention Checkpoint. Though the gates already serve as such, Security Assistant Sam Ingram of the 75th Security Forces Squadron hopes the checkpoint will help educate and prevent even more security hazards on base.Personnel at the checkpoint will go over everything from child... Read more
Catherine Cornett, Hilltop Times correspondent
222Red, white and blue balloons marked the location of Hill's brand new Firestone store, at 7440 6th St., Building 420, better known as the Mini Mall.To celebrate the grand opening, many other local businesses came to join in the fun, including Young Chevrolet, Willey Ford, Tony Divino Toyota, Golden Spike Harley Davidson and Mick Martin from KBER 101.1's Mick and Allen show."They got the local... Read more
Catherine Cornett, Hilltop Times correspondent
What better way to spend a Saturday than to climb inside and around 25 airplanes -- from the modern A-10 Warthog to the C-131 Samaritan? More than 4,800 people spent Aug. 29 at the Hill Aerospace Museum doing just that and more to celebrate this year's Food for Life Day."The whole point of Food for Life ... was to have a day that the public could come out and show support for the community by... Read more
A series of unrelated events are planned at Hill Air Force Base and nearby locations in honor of Sept. 11, 2001.>> Capt. Laura Desio, Ogden Air Logistics Center assistant to the Judge Advocate General, will speak at the 4 p.m. Warrior Call at Club Hill. Her remarks will be about her experiences while deployed to Baghdad as part of the Law and Order Task Force where she worked extensively... Read more

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AFLCMC/LG Focus Week AFLCMC/LG Focus WeekFocus week is kicking off with a Mandatory... more