By John Cullinane, 75th Force Support Squadron Director
February 6, 2014
The 75th Force Support Squadron’s chant during award ceremonies, commander’s call and other public events is We Do That! In 2013, we lived by that motto and had a very rewarding year.This year we set the standard at command and Air Force. Our changes in military personnel processes led to our Military Personnel Section being ranked No. 2 of 40 large bases in the Air Force and #1 of 8 in Air Force... Read more
By Capt. Bret Evans Jr., 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron
February 6, 2014
F.E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE, Wyo. — In the fall of 1988, the hair metal band Cinderella delivered to the world a pearl of wisdom beyond their years when they melodically destroyed our eardrums with “Don’t know what you got (till it’s gone).” This power ballad’s intended message refers to the harsh reality lovers face after parting ways, but can also be applied to the relationship all Airmen face... Read more
Chief Master Sgt. Jason L. France, 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
January 30, 2014
2013 was a whirlwind of amazing accomplishments, historical changes and incredible challenges for our Air Force. Last year at this time no one would have believed that sequestration, furloughs and a government shut down would become realities, but they all did. As we enter a new year we are faced with new challenges that will continue to test our leadership and the commitment of our Airmen, both... Read more
Lt. Col. Patricia Tate
January 23, 2014
DYESS AIR FORCE BASE, Texas — Have you ever had one of those days that it seems like you are working harder than your coworkers? You made 100 widgets and your coworker has only made 50. So, what do you do when you perceive the workload as unfair? Do you go home and blast your frustrations out on social media for all to see or do you sit in your duty section and complain about it so all can hear... Read more
Ron James, 75th Air Base Wing Safety officer
January 9, 2014
Each year there is a campaign that focuses on 101 days of summer when injury rates traditionally increase. This is a time of increased outdoor activity and exposure to hazards associated with those activities; however, the greatest injury period is during the winter months when 65-70 percent of injuries occur. For those of us living in Utah, increased awareness of winter hazards and efforts to... Read more
Master Sgt. Raymond Pawlowski, 75th Security Forces Squadron
January 9, 2014
Imagine you are at work standing around and talking with your co-workers. An individual, in uniform, walks by with their hand in their pocket. Or maybe they walk by talking on their cell phone or with their PT shirt not tucked in. What do you do? Are you someone who will turn the other way and pretend you didn’t notice, or are you the type to walk up to that person and professionally correct them... Read more
Col. Ronald Jolly Sr., Deputy Commander for Maintenance, Ogden Air Logistics Complex
January 2, 2014
This last year has been highly successful for the Ogden Air Logistics Complex. As an organization with more than 7,600 personnel assigned, we have had many challenges to overcome as well as numerous accomplishments we can be proud of.  One of our biggest obstacles was the furlough and shutdown that affected not only Hill Air Force Base civilian employees, but employees across the federal... Read more

Commentary: Reflect, then look forward

Col. Kathryn Kolbe, 75th Air Base Wing commander
December 26, 2013
This year has been one of many accomplishments and challenges for Hill Air Force Base. The Air Logistics Complex inducted the first F-35 aircraft for depot level maintenance; the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings received confirmation they will fly the first operational F-35 aircraft in the United States Air Force; Sunset Ridge Development Partners will begin construction this month on the next... Read more
Jose (Surname withheld), U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa
December 26, 2013
RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany — My name is not José.Steve asked me not to use our real names if I write down what I recently learned about the events of 2002. He’s not “Steve,” either. Steve agreed to share his part, and I will tell you mine — our two sides of one story.What follows is our recollections of then and now. José: Steve and I used to play one of those multiplayer online games when... Read more
Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, Commander, Air Force Materiel Command
December 19, 2013
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio — As the holidays approach, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the past year. With all of the budget cuts/uncertainties and the corresponding furloughs and recent force management announcements, 2013 was a year filled with many challenges. It was also a year filled with many successes. Through the extraordinary determination and dedication of each and every... Read more

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