Capt. Eric Kirwan, LCSW, 75th Medical Group
October 10, 2013
Have you ever thought about suicide? Maybe the better question is who hasn’t thought about suicide! When I ask people the question very seldom do people have the courage to admit it. I am not talking about having the intent or a plan to do it, but rather the thought of "what ifs" or "I wish I didn’t feel this pain anymore." I believe these struggles are far more common than we are all willing to... Read more
David Abbott, Hill AFB Energy Management Office
October 3, 2013
October, Energy Action Month, provides an opportunity for Hill AFB Airmen to learn more about the impact of energy to the Air Force’s mission as part of a national campaign led by the Department of Energy. This year’s theme, "I am Air Force Energy," puts the Airman at the center of the campaign. The goal is to inspire the Total Force to be more efficient so they can give the Air Force an assured... Read more
Kelly Capener, Chief, Business Operations OO-ALC
September 26, 2013
With all the rhetoric in the news lately regarding the lack of a signed federal budget, the continuing resolution (CRA), sequestration, DoD furloughs, and another potential round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), I thought it was important for our readers to hear "the rest of the story." Though all of these subjects are very important and admittedly our nation faces serious fiscal... Read more
Airman 1st Class Danny Rangel, 2nd Combat Camera Squadron
September 19, 2013
  My lungs burn like they’re aflame. It feels as though all the muscles in my legs are locked up, rigid and yet somehow those same muscles are able to shoot furious stabs of pain up and down my body. Every tendon, every sinew is enraged. My nerve endings are crying out for me to stop, begging me to just stop running already. Squinting, I can see the final stretch of road ahead. The last... Read more
Col. Kathryn Kolbe, Commander, 75th Air Base Wing
September 19, 2013
Team Hill Leaders, As the weather begins to get cooler, Civil Engineer personnel are preparing for winter. On Sept. 23, air conditioning systems will begin being turned off. There will be a few weeks of no heat nor cooling. Heating systems will be turned on typically after three consecutive days where the low temperature is 45 degrees or if the daily high only reaches 45 degrees. Civil... Read more
American Forces Press Service
September 12, 2013
WASHINGTON — As the nation observes Suicide Prevention Month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently issued a message to the men and women of the Defense Department, emphasizing the department’s collective resolve in its efforts to prevent military suicides. Here is the secretary’s message: The Department of Defense has no more important responsibility than supporting and protecting those who... Read more
1st Lt. Kandis Paskell, Deputy SARC
September 12, 2013
  It can be difficult to talk about sex and sexual assault. However, it is a valuable conversation that must be had in order to reduce the rate of the crime and the impact it has on both the victims and society. In order to have an effective discussion about sexual assault, we must first address the numerous myths surrounding the topic.           Myth #1: If... Read more
Col. Jeffrey Mineo, 310th Space Wing commander
September 5, 2013
SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — When asked to provide commentary on a subject of my choice, it took me about 10 seconds to pick a topic — the value of the Air Force Reserve in space today. The joining of 310th Space Wing "Citizen Airmen" alongside our regular Air Force mission partners across Air Force Space Command bases strengthens an important relationship needed for combatant command... Read more

Commentary: 'When September ends'

Lisette LeDuc, AFMC OL:H/PZA
August 29, 2013
  From a contracting office perspective, August and September have always been big months for us. A time for us to make sure all of our requirements are executed, contracts awarded and fiscal year dollars expended. We work comp time and overtime, often late into the night — especially the last few weeks of September. We take this time very seriously and somewhat dread the long days ahead... Read more
Linda Larsen, Federal Women's Program Manager
August 29, 2013
Each year Aug. 26, we celebrate "Women’s Equality Day." Across the nation there were events to commemorate this national day of observance and, unfortunately, too many people don’t know it’s really a celebration of the 19th Amendment. Yes, it’s a Constitution day. The amendment, passed May 1, 1919, is pretty simple: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be abridged... Read more

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