MAJ. CHRIS HAGEMEYER, 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron commander
September 10, 2015
HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. — When military members think about Force Protection, our minds immediately gravitate toward the protection of our installations. However, the force protection mindset needs to transcend the boundaries of the installation and into our personal lives — specifically, our homes, automobiles and personal property.Recently, Staff Sgt. Jason Colas, 1st Special Operations... Read more
September 10, 2015
Q: I use mass transit to and from the base. Due to the extra traffic, because of the closure of the Southwest Gate and the poor design of the traffic lights at the interstate intersection just off base, I am now missing the train 50 percent of the time. Utah Transit Authority has already adjusted their schedule, but it’s not enough.A: I am sorry that you have been experiencing trouble with your... Read more
2ND LT. CYNTHIA MCGRATH, 633rd Air Base Wing Legal Office
September 3, 2015
JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. — Scams aimed at taking advantage of U.S. military members are nothing new. However, one such scam, “bird-dogging,” has re-emerged as a threat to service members’ financial security.Bird-dogging refers to the act of soliciting sales for a third party; it is illegal both on and off base. For example, bird-dogging occurs when a person serves as an unlicensed car... Read more
September 3, 2015
Q: In the last two weeks I have witnessed three near-accidents on Wardleigh Road. These incidents involved a grounds maintenance person driving a riding mower on Wardleigh Road in the hours of darkness with no headlights, brake lights or any lighting at all on one of the mowers. None of the drivers had on any PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) on either, such as helmets. In one of the incidents... Read more
August 27, 2015
FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. — I once read that newly created cells in our bodies do one of two things: They either begin to decay or they become more vital.These cells choose their path based on what we demand of them. If we are sedentary, our brains signal our cells to decay; but if we exercise, our cells get the signal that we need them to be strong and healthy. Likewise, when we refuse to... Read more
Col. Ron Jolly, 75th Air Base Wing commander
August 27, 2015
I appreciate everyone’s continued patience during this transition. We knew that closure of the Southwest Gate would impact traffic at the other gates. We also realized the initial adjustment period would be uncomfortable for most of us. We conducted a thorough analysis and looked at many options before arriving at a decision to close the gate. With this change, our Defenders are doing their... Read more
August 27, 2015
Q: Can anything be done about the sporadic arrival of the personnel opening the visitor control building at the South Gate?  In recent weeks, I’ve encountered on at least two occasions the visitor control center being opened late. There are contractors being delayed from starting their work and, in my case, a potential new hire was late for his appointment.A: I recognize the importance the... Read more
75th Force Support Squadron
August 20, 2015
Due to the lack of resources to bring the Westside Fitness Center up to public health and Air Force standards, the facility will close Sept. 4. This decision was not made lightly, and a full range of options were explored before making the decision. In this time of constrained resources, bringing the facility up to standards is not cost effective, and as a mission-ready Air Force, we must... Read more
CAPT. CHRIS ULMAN, Hill AFB Air Force Ball committee
August 20, 2015
Every year, Air Force bases across the world hold an Air Force Ball to celebrate the birthday of the United States Air Force; it is a chance to honor the history and heritage of our Air Force. The AF Ball is also a chance to celebrate the contributions the base has made and continues to make to that history and heritage.While the Air Force is celebrating its 68th birthday, Team Hill is also... Read more
SENIOR AIRMAN LINDON BELL and AIRMAN 1ST CLASS QUI-SHAUWN GAINES, 75th Force Support Squadron and 75th Security Forces Squadron
August 13, 2015
HILL AIR FORCE BASE — On Aug. 6, Airmen from various units across Team Hill were able to have lunch with Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, Air Force Materiel Command commander; Brig. Gen. Gary Keefe, Massachusetts Air National Guard commander; and Chief Master Sgt. Michael Warner, AFMC command chief.The luncheon was a one-of-a-kind experience where Airmen from different organizations and components of the... Read more

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