UTA will alter base service routes during South, West and Roy gate closures

September 25, 2014

Utah Transit Authority will utilize the Southwest Gate to continue service to Hill AFB during the upcoming South and West Gate closures.

388th Fighter Wing maintainer goes above and beyond

September 25, 2014

Hill Air Force Base — Sometimes there are things outside the scope of one’s duties that could, and probably should be addressed, but often times those ancillary items aren’t squared away — rarely though, do those things hold a $125 million price tag. Staff Sgt. Ken Reber, a crew chief with the 388th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, did just that — he identified a missing outer lock ring while inspecting a main landing gear tire on an F-16 Fighting Falcon, an item not specifically called out in his technical data to be inspected. Without the ring, the wheel has the potential to separate. “Staff Sergeant Reber’s attention to detail and technical ability averted potential tire failure on landing, preventing the loss of five combat aircraft valued at $125 million,” said Maj. Jason Moore, commander of the 388th AMXS. After his discovery, Reber immediately inspected all available tires on the tech support section tire rack and discovered four more tires were also missing the outer lock ring.

UTA, it works for me

August 14, 2014

While certainly not for everyone, the new Utah Transportation Authority’s bus route on base works for me.

Mass transit needs study in Layton, Clearfield

August 14, 2014

LAYTON – A feasibility study addressing public transit challenges in the Clearfield/Layton area points to the need to increase access to Hill Air Force Base, bridge the gap between a FrontRunner station and the Freeport Center and make it easier for workers to get that last mile between a station and their place of employment.

‘New’ ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ rehashes old plot lines

August 14, 2014


Standard-Examiner movie critic

Wow! I certainly enjoyed how this Spider-Man begins! He’s gleefully leaping, swinging and somersaulting in mid air, like he’s just landed a gig with Cirque de Soleil — all while corralling bad guys, saving citizens and cracking wise.

Dog bite prevention tips

August 14, 2014

Did you know that each year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs? You may be asking yourself “Why are there so many dog bites?” When you consider that an estimated 70 million dogs currently reside in U.S. households, it’s not surprising to hear that so many bites are occurring.

Hill First Air Force Base to have domestic violence conference

August 14, 2014


Standard-Examiner staff

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — Every 15 seconds across the country a woman becomes the victim of a domestic violent act -- emotionally, mentally, physically or sexually.

Domestic violence crosses all socioeconomic groups, does not turn a blind eye to religion and can be found among doctors, attorneys, police officers, military personnel, politicians and every job title available, local law enforcement officers were told.

Home School Panel resource for parents

August 14, 2014

Aug. 7 parents gathered in the Hill Air Force Base Airmen and Family Readiness Center for the third annual Home School Panel. This event offered parents and students the opportunity to gather information about homeschooling, and to meet other families who are educating the same way. People trying to make a decision about homeschooling for the upcoming year and people who have been homeschooling for many years attended the event to exchange ideas, thoughts, and methods.

Raptors baseball, apple pie and Air Force enlistment

August 14, 2014

OGDEN – The Ogden Raptors were decked out in their camouflage uniforms during their game against the Helena Brewers in honor of the local community members serving in the military.

Motorcycle training requirement changes

August 14, 2014

The installation Motorcycle Safety Program has reached the halfway point of our annual motorcycle safety training season. We have completed 26 Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses this year. Unfortunately, we have observed very low rider attendance for our courses. 

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