Utah leads in defense, aerospace jobs – thanks to STEM

August 27, 2015

With tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars at stake, it’s hard to overstate the importance of science, technology, engineering and math jobs in Utah.

National Industries for the Blind

August 27, 2015

It may be like walking into any office supply store, but at the Industries for the Blind Base Supply Store at Hill Air Force Base, every product has been touched by someone who is blind or visually impaired.

F-35s slated to arrive at HAFB Base in September

August 20, 2015

They’re off the assembly line and they’ve been in the air. Now final flight tests are the only hurdle to clear before the Air Force’s first two combat F-35s arrive in Utah.

The second of the two jets took its first flight earlier this month at manufacturer Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth, Texas aeronautics plant, following the first jet, which took to the skies a few days earlier. 

Before they’re handed over to the government, Lockheed Martin pilots run the planes through a gamut of tests.

Korean War vets take on enormous mission

August 20, 2015

For John Cole and Jay Wells, properly remembering veterans who fought in a conflict often described as “forgotten” might be painstaking, but it’s absolutely necessary. 

The Top of Utah duo say they’re on a mission to provide all Utah combat veterans of the Korean War with the Republic of South Korea’s “Ambassador For Peace Medal.” 

Civilian health program can save lives

August 20, 2015

It was a wake-up call for Richard Heaton when a co-worker persuaded him to get his cholesterol checked during one of the Civilian Health Promotion Services program’s routine visits in his office. 

His results came back fairly good, but his HDL, the good kind of cholesterol, was dismal. HDL numbers should range from 40 to 60, but Heaton’s number was 20, putting him at risk for heart disease. 

Hill’s Greco-Roman wrestler places third in Armed Forces Championships in Colorado

August 13, 2015

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — For Senior Airman Jeffrey Warra, wrestling was simply a high school sport he played after a friend talked him into it. Seeing himself as one of the little guys at school, Warra knew basketball and football weren’t in his future, so he joined the wrestling team.

Unclaimed Weber County vets receive full military funerals

August 6, 2015

OGDEN — They have no known family and some of them have been dead for nearly 20 years, but last weekend a group of Utah veterans finally received the resting place they deserve.

Hill encourages future engineers, programmers

August 6, 2015

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — A group of seventh-graders from the Weber State University Prefreshman Engineering Program recently saw the Air Force behind the scenes for the first time. For most of them, it was eye-opening as they toured the explosive ordnance device area and facilities for pilot life support and emergency preparedness.

F-35 maintenance going full bore at Hill

August 6, 2015

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — The hype surrounding Hill Air Force Base and the F-35 has centered mostly around the impending arrival of the first combat-ready jets, a milestone scheduled for Sept. 11.

F-22 Raptors being used as high-tech escort in Iraq, Syria

July 30, 2015

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — As workers at Hill Air Force Base continue to churn out modified F-22 Raptors, the Air Force is discovering a new role for the multipurpose fighter as it flies combat operations in Syria and Iraq.

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